Donald Trump's 7 most ludicrous moments at first 'revenge tour' campaign rally

Seven months after losing the US presidential election Donald Trump has made a return to the grand stage with a rally to kick off his so-called “revenge tour”.

Stepping out in front of a crowd of thousands in Ohio he was quick to launch an attack on Joe Biden and pushed for Republicans to take back control of Congress next year.

It was the first time Trump has talked to a major rally since he was forced out of office and he had lost none of his stubbornness, once again falsely claiming his defeat last November was down to fraud.

Trump remains in denial over the result despite never having been able to show evidence of any illegal activity.

The end of his first term in office was marred by his refusal to accept the result and the deadly attack by his supporters on the US Capitol on January 6.

Trump spoke at a rally in Ohio as he dangled the possibility of running again for president
Trump spoke at a rally in Ohio as he dangled the possibility of running again for president

With America easing its Covid restrictions Trump was able to hold a mass rally, dubbed the ‘revenge tour’, as he hits back at the Democrats who beat him and the Republicans who he feels didn’t do enough to get him back into office.

Here are seven of the most outlandish moments at his first event.

1.Trump says he’s going to win ‘third’ election – despite losing the second

The 75-year-old billionaire is still pushing the lie that he won the 2020 election, and is likely to continue to do so as it helps rally his most dedicated supporters.

He has yet to confirm that he intends to run again in 2024 but he’s repeatedly teased it since he was voted out of office last November.

“We won the election twice and it’s possible we’ll have to win it a third time,” he told the Ohio crowd. “It’s possible.”

Trump was critical of the Supreme Court for not backing his claim that there was fraud in the last elections
Trump was critical of the Supreme Court for not backing his claim that there was fraud in the last elections

2.Reads a poem about a snake to moan about immigration

It was not surprising that Trump raised the question of immigration at the rally and criticised what Biden has done so far.

Cracking down on immigration was a key policy area during his first term, which included his plan to build a wall along the border with Mexico.

He has been reading the snake poem at various events since he first campaigned for office, from a song by Al Wilson about a woman who foolishly embraces a predator.

For Trump it is a metaphor for the ‘dangers’ of immigration and he wheeled it out again for his comeback rally.

A Trump supporter holds a "Save America" sign, the new rallying cry from of the former President, during a Trump campaign-style rally in Wellington, Ohio
His supporters turned out to show their love for their former president, and his new ‘Save America’ slogan

3.Slams US military as ‘woke’ – then celebrates relationship with Putin

Trump has never shied away from criticising his own army, and now he’s no longer Commander in Chief little has changed.

During the rally he launched a rant against supposedly ‘woke’ generals in a comment likely directed at Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US military, who recently defended anti-racist education in the armed forces.

But in the same speech Trump also made sure to praise Vladimir Putin – the Russian president Joe Biden recently dubbed ‘a killer’.

“It’s not a bad thing to have a good relationship with Putin,” he told the crowd. “”I get along with everyone eventually, sometimes it just takes a little longer.”

Former U.S. President Donald Trump tosses out a hat during his first post-presidency campaign rally at the Lorain County Fairgrounds in Wellington
Trump tosses out a hat during his first post-presidency campaign rally in Wellington

4.Praises laughing stock lawyer Rudy Giuliani just as his legal license is stripped

Trump’s former lawyer Giuliani was humiliated again earlier this month when his licence to practice law was suspended in New York after making “demonstrably false and misleading statements”.

The former mayor of New York has seen a spectacular fall from grace, repeatedly pushing Trump’s ‘stolen election’ lie and even appearing in a deeply embarrassing scene in the second Borat movie.

Rudy Giuliani in film Borat 2
Giuliani took part in a fake interview in the film that somehow ended up in a hotel bedroom

But Trump has not given up on his pal and claimed he was being hounded by political opponents.

“I’m helping a lot of people get into office, and we’re fighting the Deep State, and we’re fighting radical left,” Trump told his supporters.

“They’re after me, They’re after Rudy, they’re after you, probably. They’re after anybody.”

Donald Trump
Trump still has the support of much of the Republican party so a comeback is a possibility

5.Boasts he would have solved Israel-Palestine conflict despite 4 years of empty promises

Hundreds of lives were lost during the latest clashes in the troubled Middle Eastern region last month.

Israel fired missiles into Gaza while rockets were shot into Tel Aviv as the violence escalated.

But Trump thinks he could have solved the decades old situation himself.

“If I was there, we’d have it totally wrapped up,” Trump told the Ohio crowd.

“Joe Biden is squandering all of this hard earned respect that we had, or had, bowing down to America’s enemies and embarrassing our country on the world stage.”

During his four years in office Trump repeatedly claimed he was working on a peace plan for long-divided region but like many of his boasts it came to nothing.

Trump said that people sniggered at his idea for a space force but he is having the last laugh
Trump unveiled the Space Force during his presidency but it wasn’t taken entirely seriously

6.Finally admits the Space Force was widely mocked

Trump has admitted that many sniggered at his US Space Force as he stirred up the crowd but he believes he has had the last laugh.

He officially launched the new military service which falls under the US Air Force and said space was the world’s “newest war-fighting domain”.

He told the Ohio rally: “Russia’s up there, big league. China’s up there, big league. “We’ve overtaken them in space.”

Joe Biden and his wife Jill hold a campaign event
Joe Biden, pictured with wife Jill, made a state visit to the UK and managed to not cause any international incidents

7.Rants about Biden ‘destroying’ US – but majority of Americans think otherwise

During his speech, Trump blamed his successor for everything from rising crime and weaker police to “illegal aliens” overwhelming the southern border and the economy.

“Joe Biden is destroying our nation right before our very own eyes,” Trump seethed.

It would seem though, that the majority of Americans think Biden is doing a better job than the last president – at least so far.

Six months into the job Biden has a 56 percent approval rating amongst the US public while Trump never got above 49 per cent during his one term in office.


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