Donald Trump condemned for Covid stunt 'insanity' as US approaches 7.5m cases – US politics live

The few medical details they disclosed suggested to many infectious disease experts that he is suffering a more severe case of Covid-19.

In photos and videos, there is hardly any sign that Mr. Trump is sick. But Trump’s doctors said his oxygen levels had dropped to a level that can indicate that a patient’s lungs are compromised.

The president’s medical team also said that he had been prescribed dexamethasone. The drug is reserved for those with severe illness, because it has not been shown to benefit those with milder forms of the disease and may even be risky.

“The dexamethasone is the most mystifying of the drugs we’re seeing him being given at this point,” said Dr. Thomas McGinn, physician-in-chief at Northwell Health, the largest health care provider in New York State. The drug is normally not used unless the patient’s condition seems to be deteriorating, he added.

“Suddenly, they’re throwing the kitchen sink at him,” Dr. McGinn said. “It raises the question: Is he sicker than we’re hearing, or are they being overly aggressive because he is the president, in a way that could be potentially harmful?”


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