Dominic Cummings resigned: Has Dominic Cummings resigned? Did he quit 3 weeks ago?

Dominic Cummings hit headlines after he published a controversial blog post about reporting the election was tighter than it looked. Conservatives are insisting Mr Cummings resigned from his role as a special adviser to Boris Johnson after a Labour supporter slammed him for interfering in a recent poll. So has Dominc Cummings really resigned?

A row erupted after Boris Johnson’s former top adviser Dominic Cummings issued a Brexit warning to Leave voters reporting the election was “much tighter” than opinion polls suggest.

During the election, the Conservative Party has been ahead in the polls, averaging support of 40 percent.

But Mr Cummings has said this might not be enough.

On his blog he wrote that “Brexit is in danger” and therefore he was sending a “bat signal”.

He wrote: “All the science boils down to a simple answer: the most useful thing most people can do is make the time to speak to friends and family and explain why you will vote for Boris and why you think any other move means a Corbyn-Sturgeon alliance controlling Downing Street which would be a disaster.

“Face-to-face is more effective than other communication, direct messages (text, Facebook) are more effective than emails — the more personal, the better (the less spam on the channel, the more powerful it is).”

Social media users shared their belief that Mr Cummings had resigned from his role supporting Mr Johnson more than three weeks ago.

One person tweeted: “Dominic Cummings resigned three weeks ago because it’s standard that all SpAds resign when Parliament is dissolved. It’s not a thing. It’s not really a proper resignation. It’s a process. Everyone needs to calm down a bit.”

Another wrote: “Cummings had to resign his position to work on the election. He would then resume his position after the election.”

One Twitter user wrote: “How the f**k did Dominic Cummings resign 21 days ago and I’m only now finding out? I’m literally obsessed with this man lol. how TF did I miss this? How has the world missed This? Truly an ENIGMA”.

One social media user said: “All Spads have resigned. It’s called a General Election.”


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