Dominic Cummings boasts Boris will CRUSH Brexit-saboteurs after he’s bombarded by Remainer

The Brexit mastermind was tracked down in London by Mr Bray who is known for his bellowing “stop Brexit” chant outside the Houses of Parliament. Boris Johnson’s senior advisor told Mr Bray the Tories would win a “majority” at the election in 17 days time and finally “get out” of the European Union. Mr Cummings, dressed-down in a tracksuit, green jacket and winter bobble hat, was followed by Mr Bray down the streets of the capital and challenged on the Tories election strategy.

Mr Bray, who is standing for the Liberal Democrats in the Cynon Valley constituency, questioned Mr Cummings on the Conservatives controversial Twitter activity.

Last week during the ITV debate between Mr Johnson and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, the Conservative Twitter account CCHQ changed its name to ‘factcheckUK’.

Mr Bray said: “Who came up with the factcheck site, was that you?”

Mr Cummings then denied any involvement.

The Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate added: “It wasn’t you? But that was a bad idea wasn’t it?”

The hardline Brexiteer then fired back and insisted Mr Bray was a “pretty dodgy” on his own facts.

Mr Cummings then delivered a sensation response, he said: “Here’s a fact Brexit is coming 31st of January.”

The bizarre encounter continued as the Remainer criticised the Tory Governments record on sticking to deadlines and pointed to the three extensions to Article 50 this year.

Mr Cummings then defended the record of the Government and pointed to the so-called Benn Act, which forced the Government to ask the EU for a delay.

However, the senior Government adviser insisted things would be different after the election and Britain would finally leave the bloc.

Mr Bray said: “What happened to the 31st of October? What happened to the 29th of March? What happened to the 12th of April?”

Mr Cummings said: “Your mates passed a law.

“But this time we are going to have a majority and then we are going to get out.”

The Remainer then lost his cool and dismissed the prospect of the Tories winning the election outright.

A coy Mr Cummings was left unfazed and encouraged Remainer’s to carry on getting angry and claims it made them make the wrong decisions.

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The ‘stop Brexit’ campaigner insisted he was calm and said: “I’m not angry, I’m just sorry that we are in this state.”

Mr Johnson’s senior advisor then reassured Mr Bray it would all be sorted out, he said: “Well not long to go now and its resolved.”

Mr Bray then said: “Yeah Brexit will be stop Mr Cummings.”

In his final words, Mr Cummings said: “Yeah we will see about that.”


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