Doing this for four minutes every day has been shown to stimulate hair growth

Hair loss can often seem trivial when pitted against life-threatening conditions but its effects can be harmful in less obvious ways. Self-confidence is often tied to a healthy head of hair. This is why losing it often fosters insecurity.

According to Abraham Armani, MD, medical director of Armani Medical Hair Restoration in Dallas, who was not involved in the study, gentle massaging of the scalp can increase blood flow to the hair follicle; the root of the hair, which is the only living part of the hair.

He added: “Massaging works by dilating the very small arteries within the scalp, increasing blood flow to the hair follicle and therefore prolonging the growth cycle of hair.”

More conventional treatments

According to the NHS, finasteride and minoxidil are the main treatments for male pattern baldness.

Some wigs are available on the NHS, but you may have to pay unless you qualify for financial help.

Similarly, wigs come with pros and cons to consider too, notes the NHS.

Synthetic wigs:

  • Last six to nine months
  • Are easier to look after than real-hair wigs
  • Can be itchy and hot
  • Cost less than real-hair wigs.

Real-hair wigs:

  • Last three to four years
  • Are harder to look after than synthetic wigs
  • Look more natural than synthetic wigs
  • Cost more than synthetic wigs.


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