Dog found with so much matted hair she could barely move gets a transformation

Mopsy before and after (Picture: Sherri Clark / SWNS.COM)

Mopsy the dog was found with over 700g of matted fur – weighing about the same as two tins of soup.

It was so bad, she could barely move or walk when she was spotted on a motorway by a driver.

The driver took her to Valencia County Animal Shelter in Los Lunas, New Mexico, USA, on 17 June.

Staff got to work trying to help her, but at first they struggled to even tell her gender because of all the fur.

Patty Mugan, 33, is the Transfer Coordinator at the shelter who immediately began trying to find her a rescue and posted her pictures on Facebook.

Patty said: ‘She was not able to be easily handled and very uncomfortable to say the least.

‘I was hired here in February 2009 after one year of volunteering prior to that.

‘In those days, a little dog like this would have never even made it to the kennels. She would’ve been euthanized immediately.’

Mopsy was found on the motorway (Picture: Sherri Clark / SWNS.COM)
She had over 700g of matted hair (Picture: Sherri Clark / SWNS.COM)
Rescue staff estimate about a year and a half of growth (Picture: Sherri Clark / SWNS.COM)

Volunteer rescue group Pawsitive Life reached out to Patty and arranged to pick seven-year-old Mopsy up to take her to the groomers.

They removed 1.6 pounds (725g) of thick fur over two hours, and also sadly discovered a tumour.

Director of Pawsitive Life Rescue Allie Sikorski said: ‘She is likely not someone’s pet, she was likely hit by a car a few years back and got a hernia.

They shaved it off and were able to examine her properly (Picture: Sherri Clark / SWNS.COM)
Sadly they also found a tumour and a hernia (Picture: Sherri Clark / SWNS.COM)
She is now recovering but need surgery (Picture: Sherri Clark / SWNS.COM)

‘The large tumour is actually her intestines sitting on the outside of her body.’

After her hair cut, the groomer estimated it had been about a year and a half since her last one and they believe the tumour had been there for about two years.

Mopsy is now recovering in a foster home, but they are trying to raise $2,500 (£1,810) for surgery to treat the hernia before adoption.

You can contribute to Mopsy’s veterinary care here.

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