Dog found abandoned and terrified in bushes is looking for a forever home in time for Christmas

One-year-old lurcher Bramble was found cowering in a bush (Picture: North News & Pictures Ltd nort)

When poor pup Bramble was found in some bushes in Middlesborough, he was injured, cold, and cowering.

The pedestrian who found the one-year-old dog described him as looking ‘pitiful’, and quickly called up the RSPCA, who collected the lurcher before taking him in for treatment and rehabilitation.

Bramble went on to spend weeks receiving care and recovering from an operation on his leg injury, before moving over to Great Ayton Animal Centre, where he’s now ready to find a new home.

Olivia Duffill, deputy manager of the shelter, said: ‘Bramble was originally called Bang Bang but we felt he needed a new name for his new start.

‘He is doing really well and his leg has been improving every day.’

Now Bramble is back in good health, all he needs is a home with a family who’ll give him all the love and care he deserves.

Bramble was emaciated and had a leg injury (Picture: North News & Pictures Ltd nort)

We’re hoping we can help him find just that in time for Christmas. Could you help?

‘He’s a beautiful dog with a lovely nature, and he absolutely loves spending time with all of our staff,’ said Olivia.

‘He enjoys cuddles and is becoming a real snuggle monster.

‘He’s a really fabulous dog and we’re so pleased that he’s now ready for a loving new home.’

Bramble is in need of a home with owners who will be patient with him as he settles in and recovers from his stressful experience.

He’s on a special diet to help him put on weight after his ordeal, and may need to continue this for a while when in his new home.

After weeks of recovery, he’s ready to find a new home (Picture: RSPCA)

Any potential owners will need to fill in an application form to ensure they’re the right fit, and may need to come and meet Bramble a few times before they take him home, as he can be a bit shy around new people.

‘Bramble is a happy, sweet boy but he is finding kennel life really challenging,’ Olivia added.

‘He’s unfortunately starting to show signs of separation issues in the kennels.

‘We’re really keen to get Bramble into the right home as quickly as possible as we believe this will help to alleviate some of his anxieties and stress.

‘We’re really hoping we could get this set up over the next few weeks so we can get him into a wonderful home in time for Christmas.’

If you think you could give Bramble the loving home he deserves, you can download an application form through the RSPCA site here.

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