Dog called Beyoncé among items left behind at Travelodge hotels

A dog called Beyoncé, a 1940s typewriter and a Roland drum kit were among the items left behind by people who stayed at Travelodge hotels last year. Staff at Travelodge’s 582 hotels reported a significant increase in holiday items being left behind over the past 12 months. Other items included a drone, six-foot feathered angel wings and a coin collection that was started nine decades ago. “Valuable possessions are easily forgotten,” said a spokesperson.

Geller claimed he will cause ‘historical tsunami’

Uri Geller has boasted that he will cause a “historical tsunami” by finding the sacred Ark of the Covenant. The spoon-bending psychic told his Twitter followers: “I know where the Ark of the Covenant is I will find it mark my words.” The 75-year-old said the discovery will be “a theological earthquake” and, raising the stakes, described the prospect as “an atomic blast that has never been seen before in history”.

Bestiality stats ‘disprove anti-Welsh jokes’

The Daily Star has answered the question on everyone’s lips by revealing how many bestiality convictions there have been in England and Wales since 2010. There have been 29 convictions in that time and the English have been responsible for 27 of these. The tabloid said this disproves the “age-old joke about the Welsh and their sheep”. Bestiality carries a maximum sentence of two years in prison.


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