Doctor Who's Billie Piper teases fans about a possible return to the hit BBC show

Doctor Who former companion Billie Piper has hinted to fans that she would reprise her role of Rose Tyler if the circumstances are right.

Billie who acted alongside both Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant’s in their Time Lord role between 2005 and 2013 revealed the exciting news on her Cameo app.

She told fans she’d consider stepping back into the Tardis after spending enough time away from the series.

She revealed: “Would I ever go back? I think if the circumstances and the story were right.

“I feel like I’ve had enough time away from it to really, really want back in on it.

“I feel like my kids are at a good age and may appreciate that too, which is often my incentive to do anything.”

Billie has starred in other dramas including Penny Dreadful and I Hate Suzie since leaving Doctor Who.

Only five months ago she mentioned problems associated with being on Doctor Who so a more positive attitude to returning will be welcomed by Doctor fans.

She said at the time: “It’s the face of a family show and that’s a lot of responsibility that I’m not comfortable with.

David Tennant as Dr Who with assistant Rose Tyler, played by Billie Piper

“It’s a great role, but you’re away from your kids for so long. My experience was that you were in Wales for nine months solid.”

Billie’s new revelation has thrilled fans who are keen to also see a reprisal from David Tennant.

One said: “Yessss! someone call david tennant.”

Another said: “I’d love to see the doctor take on the image of Rose to see Billie Piper as both the Doctor and watch them deal with their favourite companion looking back at them in the mirror.”

Someone else volunteered: “We are lighting all the candles for this.”

But another chipped in: “ummmm, her time on the show is over,if she did it’ll probably end up a love story again.”


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