‘Do the honourable thing’: Tory councillor calls for Matt Hancock to step down as MP


att Hancock faced the first threat of deselection on Wednesday as a local councillor called on him to “do the honourable thing”.

However, Tory councillor Ian Houlder said he was “disgusted” by Mr Hancock’s behaviour and has written to his local association calling for him to be deselected before the next election.

He told the Standard: “There is no way I, as the Conservative member for this particular ward, would vote for him. What he did was beyond the pale. As far as I’m concerned he’s politically finished.

“It’s nothing to do with his sordid affair because otherwise you’d have an empty parliament wouldn’t you?

“It’s the very fact he stood up there for a year spouting, pontificating, ordering, browbeating, slagging off people who broke his rules.”

He said he “absolutely” wants Mr Hancock to be deselected, adding: “I actually want him to do the honourable thing and tell the party he is not going to stand at the next election and in fact he resigns. As soon as they’ve found a new candidate, he should ask for a by-election to be called.”

Councillor Houlder said he wrote to the Prime Minister when the scandal first broke, adding: “I wrote to Matt Hancock as well saying how disgusted I was with his national behaviour as a minister of the crown – I said it’s just appalling and he should resign immediately.”

However, other councillors are expected to try to shut down any attempts to have a vote against Mr Hancock.


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