DIY fan saves £600 on bathroom renovation using 79p Stacey Solomon hack

The bathroom before was somewhat tired, but is now panelled to perfection (Picture: LatestDeals)

A bathroom is one of the most expensive rooms in the house to renovate, mainly because things are tiled and fitted and often have to be replaced with specially-designed items.

One savvy shopper, however, has managed to save hundreds on a bathroom makeover by using hacks she’d seen online.

Paula Atkins, a 48 year old mum of two from Liverpool, told money-saving community ‘The bathroom was looking old and tired, and I wanted to give it an update. However, as the room is tiled from floor to ceiling I knew that replacing the tiles would be costly.’

When Paula looked online for the price of a remodel, she saw it was in the £1000s, and decided to do it herself.

Looking for inspiration on Pinterest, panelled walls piqued her interest, as did a mirror she’s seen on Stacey Solomon’s Instagram page.

A light grey is sophisticated and clean (Picture: LatestDeals)

In January 2021, TV personality Stacey Solomon shared a DIY hack on her Instagram account which involved her creating a giant mirror out of  frames and mirrors from Ikea.

‘I was able to recreate what she did using picture frames and mirrors from Ikea,’ Paula said.

‘The mirrors were 99p each and the frames were 79p each, which I thought was great value for money. I got 16 frames and 16 mirrors for £28.48.’

The mirror Paula made using 79p Ikea bargains (Picture: LatestDeals)

That wasn’t the only way she made savings, though.

Paula added: ‘I got the panels and other tools such as trims and glue from DBS Bathrooms, and the floor and bath tiles are PVC stick on ones from Amazon. They were £7.99 per tile.

‘The final price for everything was £360 and I actually overestimated how much I would need. I had enough left over to give my small toilet room a makeover too!’

It looks a lot more polished after the renovation (Picture: LatestDeals)

For the panelling, Paula first measured and cut them using a hand saw, before washing the walls and leaving them to dry.

Because the panels had grooves, they slotted into each other perfectly, and were fixed using a standard adhesive.

Paula was sure to use a spirit level when making her mirror, too, as this ensured everything was straight.

Stick-on tiles save money (Picture: LatestDeals)

She says, ‘The hardest part of the project was applying the panels in tricky places such as behind the radiator and around the window.

‘We also both work full time hours and have two children who were homeschooling due to the pandemic. This means we could only fit the work in at weekends.’

According to Paula, if she were to do it all again she might invest in better tools and taken more time to measure the area.

However, given that measuring mishap ended up with enough material for a second room makeover as well, it’s worked out wonderfully for the family.

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