Disguised Toast banned from Twitch as streamers abandon TV meta

Disguised Toast is… toast (pic: Instagram)

Another big name Twitch streamer has been banned from Twitch, as Disguised Toast is taken off air for watching Death Note.

The TV meta on Twitch has claimed its highest profile victim so far, as Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang takes a month long ban for streaming anime series Death Note.

Quite what he expected would happen is a bit of a mystery, given Pokimane was banned for two days for streaming cartoon Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Pokimane took the ban in her stride, and admitted it was fair, but so far Disguised Toast seems less philosophical, complaining on Twitter that ‘they really couldn’t have waited 20 more minutes’ (until the episode ended).

Streamers really shouldn’t be surprised at the ban as not only are DMCA offences in general a common obstacle for them but it’s super obvious that watching a TV show or film for hours is always going to get noticed – compared to just some music in the background.

In the case of Disguised Toast, he’d already watched 25 episodes of the show before being banned, which may have led him to think he’d gotten away with it.

The TV meta was started by Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, who started watching full episodes of MasterChef in front of viewers.

Digisuised Toast’s anime marathon was a direct response to this, with other streamers such as Hasan and Mizkif also joining in the meta.

As usual, fans have not necessarily claimed about the bans themselves but the inconsistency with which Twitch has handled things.

Pokimane was only banned for 48 hours, Hasanabi had his ban overturned, and Mizkif wasn’t banned at all.

Either way though this seems to signal the end of the TV meta and anyone else that tries something similar is likely to get the same treatment, or worse, as Disguised Toast.

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