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Amazon Prime Day, our favourite mid-summer shopping holiday, has arrived in the UK, kicking off earlier today at 12 noon. For our American friends, Prime Day 2018 is expected to begin in the early afternoon in the US: 3PM Eastern, 2PM Central and 12PM Pacific to be exact. Prime Day runs for 36 hours, concluding in the UK at the stroke of midnight on Tuesday 17th of July.

As in the past, Amazon has negotiated hard with manufacturers to ensure deep discounts for Amazon Prime customers (or those on a free 30-day trial – sign up if you like, you’re free to cancel at any time). There are a staggering number of items on offer of potential interest to Digital Foundry readers, including electronics, PC components, 4K HDR TVs and more. What follows is our curated roundup of the best deals available – the stuff we’d consider buying with our own money. As this is a curated selection rather than a straight list of deals, feel free to check back later – we’re still filtering through and adding stuff that catches our eye. Also note that prices may change at any given point (it looks like early SSD deals have already been snapped up). One more thing: sometimes, the price isn’t immediately revealed upon clicking through, requiring you to press a ‘view deal’ button on the top-right of the page.

You can also head directly to Amazon’s Prime Day 2018 hub pages if you want to wade through the offers yourself. You can find the UK Prime Day Hub here, and the US Prime Day Hub here. On top of that, there’s also 20 per cent off purchases from the discounted Amazon Warehouse, so click through for that to see if you can track down any truly outrageous bargains – we spotted a Razer Blade 14 for £1035, for example…

Recommended 4K TV Prime Day 2018 deals


While there’s a lack of genuinely outstanding Prime Day 4K TV bargains this year in terms of the top-end premium models, that’s not to say that you can’t grab a very large flat panel that still produces great gaming results. And yes, there is an OLED! We recommend the LG’s UK6300 as a decent entry-level screen with extremely low (under 12ms) input lag when running in game mode. Alongside that is the even cheaper Sony XE70, which again features excellent input lag, this time in the region of 20ms – and a 55-inch screen for under £500 can’t be sniffed at.

Unfortunately, the LG B7 OLED isn’t on sale for Prime Day, but there is an extremely well-priced OLED offering – Philips’ Ambilight model, the 55POS9002. It’s received some phenomenal reviews, and in common with many OLED offerings, the panel is from LG itself. Latency around 30ms isn’t outstanding, but picture quality is – and unlike the cheaper screens, it can deliver a proper HDR experience. Both the Sony and LG screens highlighted here simply don’t compare in this regard.

Best SSD Prime Day 2018 deals


A solid state drive (SSD) is an essential part of any modern gaming PC, so it’s worth switching over if you’re still using a mechanical HDD or getting another drive with more capacity if you’re starting to run low on space. While SSDs vary in their specifications, all of the recent releases from the major brands – Crucial, Samsung, Sandisk – will be mostly equivalent when it comes to gaming, usually offering sequential read speeds of at least 500MB/s.

Recommended gaming mice for Prime Day 2018


Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury: This gaming mouse is one of the most popular models available thanks to its comfortable shape, plethora of programmable buttons and dependable AM010 sensor. At 109 grams, it’s light enough for fast flicks, and its Omron switches should ensure the buttons last for years and years. The mouse also comes with RGB lighting, if you’re into that, and a reduced sub-£20 price that’s sure to impress.

HyperX Pulsefire: This gaming mouse is expressly designed for FPS gaming. It uses the highly respected Pixart 3310 optical sensor and weighs just 95 grams, making it one of the best choices for flicking quickly and accurately at low dpi settings. The Pulsefire also includes six buttons, textured side grips, a braided cable and extra-large skates. All in all, it’s an excellent deal at just a penny over £33.

Logitech MX Master: The MX Master is a wireless gaming mouse with a comfortable and stylish design. Its high weight makes it less suited for the quick flicks of FPS gameplay, but its broad shape works extremely well for office work, MMOs and strategy titles where comfort and endurance is key. It also features Logitech’s dual-mode scroll wheel, allowing you to switch between infinite scrolling and tactile steps. It normally costs £80, so the £38 Prime Day price is impressive.

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum: Another Logitech mouse with a funny long name, the G502 is a larger mouse with more buttons, an improved infinite scroll wheel and an adjustable weight that bottoms out at 125 grams. The G502 has many of the same features as its younger brother, including programmable buttons, gorgeous RGB lighting and a sophisticated software control centre. At £36, this full-featured mouse could be worth the extra pennies.

Best Prime Day 2018 monitor deals


Omen by HP 32-inch: Yup, it’s a 32-inch PC monitor that somehow costs only £260. Of course, you don’t reach that low cost without cutting a few corners: the refresh rate maxes out at 75Hz and the 1440p resolution might feel a little low at 32 inches. However, you still get a lot of good stuff too: FreeSync support, high contrast ratios thanks to choice of an MVA panel and decent 5ms response times. If you want a TV-sized monitor, this is one hell of a deal.

Samsung LC49HG90DMUXEN: If you thought 32-inch displays were big, I’m delighted to tell you that this 32:9 aspect ratio gaming monitor spans 49 inches. If you can find a desk big enough to sit it on, you’ll enjoy rich colours, strong contrast ratios and low response times from the Quantum Dot display. It’s surprisingly easy to power too, with a reasonable 3480 x 1080 resolution and 144Hz refresh rate. Thanks to a generous Prime Day discount, this goliath of a monitor has gone from over £1000 to just £750.

Acer XG270HUA: This is one of the cheapest 27-inch 144Hz displays available, costing just £280. The extremely slim bezels make this monitor a great choice for multi-display gaming setups, while the 1ms response times ensure a fluid experience. FreeSync support is also nice to have for those using AMD graphics cards. The TN panel used here doesn’t boast the best viewing angles or colour accuracy, but for gaming this monitor is a super-star.

Acer Predator XB271HUA: If you have a little extra cash spare for your 27-inch 144Hz monitor purchase, you might also consider this more recent Acer Predator monitor. It features a more advanced TN panel that can be overclocked to 165Hz and a much nicer stand with excellent adjustability. However, you will need to spend an extra £50 for the privilege.

LG 25UM58: This is the cheapest ultra-wide monitor you can buy at just £125. Its 25-inch span is relatively small, but you still get an immersive gaming experience at 2560 x 1080. However, the limited 60Hz refresh rate makes this monitor a better choice for slower-paced games and office work; for shooters, MOBAs or racing titles we’d recommend you stick to monitors with refresh rates of 100Hz or higher.

AOC G2590VXQ: Continuing our tour of the slow end of the market, this AOC monitor is a value champion. Its TN panel offers super rapid response times of 1ms, and the 1080p resolution can reach a refresh rate of 75Hz – noticeably better than the 60Hz you’ll find on most non-gaming monitors. At less than £95, this is an excellent choice for anyone on a limited budget.

Recommended keyboards for Prime Day 2018


Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum: This full-size mechanical keyboard comes with Logitech’s unique Romer-G switches, designed to offer a shorter travel and faster actuation than standard Cherry switches without compromising on tactility. The G910 has a modern design too, with full per-key RGB backlighting, dedicated media controls and cylindrical keycaps. Best of all, for Prime Day 2018 the keyboard is more than 50 per cent off at £77.99.

Logitech Wireless Combo MK520: This package deal comes with a mouse and keyboard, both fully wireless and relatively portable too. The keyboard won’t win any awards for key feel with its rubber domes, but it is at least very quiet. Thanks to its meagre power consumption, you can expect about three years of battery life for the keyboard and one year for the mouse with the included AA batteries – not bad value for £26!

Best external storage Prime Day 2018 deals


Samsung Portable SSD T5 1TB: If you compare the Samsung T5 to other external 1TB hard drives on Amazon, you’ll notice something: the T5 is way more expensive. However, there is a good reason for that: rather than being a slow mechanical hard drive, the T5 is a bona fide SSD. That means insanely fast read and write speeds, even when it’s connected via USB 3.0 or USB-C. The T5 is also well made, with a stylish aluminium enclosure that will stand up to the rigours of everyday use and abuse. Pick one up for over £100 off right now, and it should last you years.

Western Digital My Passport 3TB: Rather than speed, this portable hard drive is focused on giving you as much storage space as possible for the least amount of money. Given that it has a 3TB capacity for just £78.99, that works out to just 2.6p per gigabyte — not bad, eh?

Best SD and Micro SD card Prime Day 2018 offers


Micro and full-size SD cards have been heavily discounted this year, making it a good time to upgrade the memory of your Nintendo Switch, DSLR, action camera, smartphone or drone. Note that Micro SD cards can be used in devices that take SD cards with an adapter, which is normally provided, but full-size SD cards won’t fit in a device that takes only Micro SD cards.

Best of the rest: more Prime Day 2018 deals


PlayStation Plus: If you’ve got a PlayStation then this is a great time to grab PlayStation Plus at a deep discount – right now, you can get 15 months of Plus for £35. That means online multiplayer access, exclusive discounts and – most importantly – a selection of free games each month from Sony’s back catalogue.


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