Difference between Online Business and Consumer Content

Difference between Online Business and Consumer Content

Online Video content is the best way to advertise businesses these days. Video content has been around for a very long while. Towards the end of the 2000s, various online video content experienced a boom, and it kept increasing. It has become a need nowadays since the best way to advertise your products or businesses online is to create content or advertisements in the video format. There are two types of online video content, which are talked about below. 

Consumer Online Content

Consumer content is the online video content that is made for entertainment purposes. The best example for consumer content would be Netflix. A vast platform, home to many documentaries and movies, all of Netflix’s content is consumer video content. Consumer online videos contain a specific business model, which includes monthly subscriptions for platforms like Netflix. Free content can also be consumed with advertisements. This type of content is solely meant for entertainment and leisure purposes at the end of the audience. 

Business Online Content

Business content is meant to achieve business goals. The strategy of advertising and marketing techniques are slightly different in this type of content. All of this content is designed to achieve business goals. There is a business objective that is intended behind consumer content online. This content includes pre-roll advertisements on YouTube as well. You may often come across ads related to other websites while you’re on YouTube. This content is all part of business content, and business advertisement is meant to achieve business goals. The business content is designed in a way to spread brand awareness. This type of content helps the brand gain customers and sales. Business online video is persuasive to convince the audience to visit the site or company being advertised.

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The Reason Why Consumer Content is Popular

Compared to business video content, the success of consumer content lies in the fact that business content is not that compelling to watch. From the past three years, 2018,2019, and 2020, it was observed that about 60% of the online users admitted that business content is not promising to watch. It is also observed that companies and brands do not focus on their advertisement as much as they should. Marketing plays an essential role in promoting a business model. 


Although the business models of consumer and business video content are quite different with different goals and intentions, there is a reason why consumer content is more watched. Consumer content production companies focus on the production and visuals experience of customers more than anything else. The priority is to deliver a user experience so that returning customers can be promised. Video campaigning is a tricky yet essential task that many businesses have given up midway in the past few years.

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