Dexter Has a New Name But the Same Killer Instinct in Latest Revival Teaser

You can change your name, but you can’t change who you are.

This message rings loud and true in the latest teaser for Showtime’s Dexter revival. In the new sneak peek, which was released Thursday, May 26, America’s favorite serial killer is seen slaying it at small town life. So, how has Dexter (Michael C. Hall) put his lethal past behind him?

Well, by becoming a totally different person. “Morning, Jimmy,” one neighbor notes at the start of the clip. Later on, a group of students refer to Dexter as “Mr. Lindsay.” We have a feeling this is an ode to Jeff Lindsay, who wrote the Darling Dexter book series that inspired the show.

And while Dexter appears to be fully integrated into this small-town life, smiling and greeting everyone who walks by him, a certain deadly weapon soon catches his eye. We’re, of course, talking about Dexter’s favorite weapon of choice: a knife.


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