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Design-led solutions for small spaces

Urban populations are forever increasing, with 68% of the world’s population expected to live in cities by 2050, according to With that increase will come many challenges for city planners and home-owners alike. The latter will increasingly be scratching their heads over the problem of how to arrange a small space so that it is comfortable, homely and cool.

These are three characteristics that may seem hard enough to bring to large spaces in harmony, and even more difficult when space is limited. Luckily, there are a few very simple steps that can be taken to achieve them, steps that are transferrable across different rooms of the home. With these steps, you won’t have to compromise on design or comfort, and the idea of decorating your small room or apartment won’t be an intimidating one.

First up, it is worth considering whether you need to hold onto that old lamp that’s been taking up valuable corner space in your sitting room. While one option is to replace the lamps with wall lights, which can have a similar effect to lamps without wasting the floor space, the other is to go for a more efficient and wide-ranging ceiling light. At for example, there are so many different styles of ceiling lights, allowing budding home decorators to find something to suit their furniture and general design vision. For a modern look, consider the range of LED ceiling panels offered by, or take a look at their brass and gold light fittings for a warmer, more classical style. Ceiling lights don’t have to be limited to the sitting room either, with a wide range of options also available for kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. There are over 30,000 varieties of lights and lamps available, which are sure to be suited to all needs.

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According to this site, it is seriously worth considering the LED range, due to a couple of factors. First of all, they consume up to 90% less energy than filament bulbs, meaning potentially big savings on your electricity bill. They also last about 50,000 hours, or 50 times as long as a filament bulb, meaning that your lighting solution requires much less maintenance than a traditional bulb. A massive range of LED lights is available on their website, with something for everyone.

The great news is that now that you’ve regained the space in the corner of your sitting room that your lamp used to inhabit, you’ll have more room to fit a small circular table and a few chairs in. In these days of limited space, dining rooms have more or less gone out the window, but round tables take up a surprisingly small amount of space relative to the number of people they can seat and can look great in the corner of a sitting room.

Next, it’s time to ask whether you should fill the width of your room with your bed, rather than taking up all the space lengthways, in the more conventional way. Many people are opting for this as it leaves so much space for a wardrobe and chest of drawers in the length of the room that you have saved, making it feel a great deal bigger.

On the topic of bedrooms, if you have a small spare one and need to fit a desk in somewhere as well, then it is definitely worth considering a day bed. Day beds look like a natural part of a room when they are not being used, but take up half the space. Having guests over? Fold it out and you’ve got a double bed.

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In the age of flat-screen televisions, mounting your screen is a no-brainer. Rather than wasting potential shelving space with a clunky TV stand, choose from a selection of wall mounts at, from swivel and tilt to fixed and flat. This will allow you space for a more useful piece of furniture, whether it’s shelving, a trunk for storage or a sideboard.

Living in less space should not be about compromising design and these simple tips will make sure it isn’t. Small apartments can be just as comfy, homely and stylish as any large space, and the cherry on top is that they also require much less management!

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