‘Democracy comes first!’ – The north-eastern battle to get Brexit delivered REVEALED

Councillor John Tennant, who stands in Hartlepool’s Jesmond ward for the Independent Union Party, is hoping to be elected as one of the North-East of England’s MEPs on May 23. One of his key aims is to get Brexit delivered to “uphold the democracy” of the British people. Mr Tennant, formerly of UKIP, believes the UK leaving the EU will help employment and trade in Hartlepool.


He told Express.co.uk: “The North East is an area that has seen much decline in industry, particularly recently in regard to the SSI site, and our Government, whether it be a Labour or Tory one, was not able to step in and bail out the site due to EU Competition rules.

“It is exactly this sort of interference that demonstrates the need to leave and set our own rules to prevent this kind of disastrous loss of livelihood for so many people.

“The Brexit Party is a new movement of people from all walks of life and differing political backgrounds that agree on one fundamental issue – democracy.

“Hartlepool has suffered badly in its local fisheries and industry, after Brexit we will get back our territorial waters and help bring jobs to make Hartlepool a place that can thrive and rebuild its local economy.”

Hartlepool voted to leave the EU by 69.6 percent in the 2016 referendum.

This was one of the highest results in the country.

The Brexit party is now starting to gain support in the town, as people are seeking an alternative party to help them besides Labour and the Conservatives. 

Mr Tennant added Prime Minister Theresa May’s thrice-failed deal will not make the region stronger.

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He said: “The referendum asked us a binary question, leaving meant leaving the single market and customs union, remaining meant no change. We should leave on World Trade Organisation terms so that we can build stronger links with the Commonwealth and put ourselves in a better position to negotiate a free trade relationship with the EU – a fundamental reason I wanted us to leave the EU, free trade not political union.

“The Conservatives have failed to honour the referendum result, it is not just the Tories, Labour have also failed to recognise that many of their voters also voted to leave and their position on Brexit is to back a second referendum, which is a slap in the face to many working class people who won’t back Labour anymore.

“The Brexit Party is about changing politics. It is about bringing people from all backgrounds together to give people a chance to reject the political class and their failure to listen to the wishes of people in a vote in June 2016 they asked us to decide upon.”

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage visited Hartlepool marina in his party bus last Saturday.

During his visit to the North-East, he said: “I want Brexit. That means not being in the customs union, not being in the single market, not being governed by any foreign courts and the sooner we get Brexit done the better and we can get on with the rest of our lives.

“200 miles of that sea would be ours. Just think how many men would be working in these harbours if we got that.”

Other Brexit Party candidates in the North East include Richard Monaghan and Brian Monteith.

Meanwhile, Brexit talks between Labour and the Conservatives ended without an agreement today.

Jeremy Corbyn said the discussions had “gone as far as they can” and blamed what he called the government’s “increasing weakness and instability”.

But Theresa May said the lack of a “common position” within Labour over another referendum had made the talks “difficult”.



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