Dementia: Four foods to 'limit' – they may increase your 'risk of developing dementia'

Dementia Australia says diet is one factor researchers are investigating for its role in reducing the risk of dementia.

It suggests that although there are certain foods to limit, research currently suggests that a healthy balanced diet is important for everyone, to help prevent other health problems.

It suggests that studies have shown that people with high intakes of saturated and trans fats in their diet “have a higher risk of developing dementia”, while people with a diet including unsaturated, unhydrogenated fats “have a lower risk”.

The organisation states: “Foods high in saturated fat include butter, lard, meat, full-fat dairy products, coconut oil, palm oil and chocolate. Trans fats are used widely in some fast food, snack foods, fried foods and commercially baked goods like cakes and biscuits.”

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