Dehydration symptoms: What colour is your pee? Dr Philippa shares sign – when to call 999

A person is 114 percent more likely to make an error even if slightly dehydrated – but that’s just with regard to cognitive function, said Dr Philippa. “Say you’re driving,” she continued, “and you’re just less aware because you’re not functioning at 100 percent. When you’re driving that can have really huge consequences.”

She added: “Dark yellow, concentrated urine in small amounts is a sign you’re dehydrated.”

“Pale”, straw-coloured” urine were other words she used to describe the colour.

The heat is a big factor for dehydrations, explained Dr Philippa.

“Babies and toddlers and the elderly are more likely to have problems with this,” she advised.


Chronic conditions that involve diarrhoea, such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), can also make a person more at risk of dehydration, as well as exercising a lot as it causes a person to sweat more.

To reduce your risk of dehydration you should drink fluids.

If you think you have the symptoms of dehydration your pharmacist can also recommend oral rehydration sachets.

These are powders you mix with water and then drink.

But in some cases, heat exhaustion can turn into heat stroke.

“This is a medical emergency,” warned Dr Philippa. “The body’s systems become entirely overwhelmed, you stop sweating and your temperature goes above 40 degrees.”

On top of the symptoms of heat exhaustion you may vomit, and also experience confusion, seizures, and even death.

Dr Philippa added: “This is really serious. If you are with someone that might not be able to help themselves, get them inside and ring 999.”

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