Deeper Life school saga: Church finally tok on alleged sexual assault of 11 years old student

Deborah Okezie

Afta long time of quiet, Deeper Life Bible Church, owner of Deeper Life High School, Uyo, Akwa Ibom state, don do announcement say e go soon address di public on top di case of allege sexual assault on one of dia students Don Davis.

For message wey dem post for Twitter, di church say “di Education Secretary of di Deeper Life High School go share some update on Don Davis case later today.”

Don Davis Iniobong Archibong, na 11 years old JSS 1 student of di Deeper Life High School, wey im mama Deborah Okezie, allege say dem starve and seniors sexually abuse sake of im dey piss for bed.

#JusticeforDonDavis trend afta im mama enta social media to do many videos on top di mata.

Inside one of di latest videos, she tok about how dem attack her inside di Akwa Ibom state Commissioner for Education office, come order her to remove di videos wey she post becos she dey embarrass di goment afta dem invite her come di office.

Dis allegation by Davis mama na something wey BBC no fit independently verify as we never hear from di state commissioner for Education wey no pick our call or reply our text.


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