Dayco, an engine ancillary supplier for the automotive, industrial and aftermarket industries, has expanded its thermal management portfolio with the introduction of electric water pumps (e-pumps) for hybrid and electric vehicles (EV), in addition to selected traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) powered applications. The new products are available in the EMEA region.

When it comes to EVs and selected hybrid applications, e-pumps are the only solution that ensures correct temperature management of the inverters and battery packs, for example. Maintaining different operating temperatures around the engine is necessary to maximize efficiencies for ICE thermal management. To optimize the combustion process, for example, the cylinder head area needs to run several degrees hotter than the block, where, to enhance the performance characteristics of the oil, it needs to run cooler. These differences would not be possible without split, or dual, cooling systems and the use of additional, electrically operated on-demand e-pumps to supplement – or, in some applications, replace – the system’s mechanical pump.

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