David Cameron children: How Cameron's daughter told Brexiteer – 'f*** you too'

David Cameron’s daughter Nancy was aged 12 at the time of the referendum. A firm remainer, she even took “Conservative in” badges to school to hand to friends. But the youngster sparked shock from her two parents at a school fair, when an older girl asked if she was for “out” or “in”. 

Mr Cameron wrote: “Nancy replied she was for in. The girl said, ‘well , f*** you’. Nancy replied, ‘well, f*** you too’. 

“Sam and I had never heard her say the f-word. We thought it was a bit shocking, but rather extraordinary.”

The former prime minister said his eldest children Nancy and Elwen were “so engaged” in the campaign for Britain to stay in the EU and were very supportive to him and his wife.

The revelations come in Mr Cameron’s autobiography, which is being serialised by the Times. 

The 52-year-old used his new book to heap praise on his “sweet and supportive” children Nancy, now 15, Elwen, 13, and Florence, nine.

He claimed the youngsters had noticed the strain the referendum was putting on their father as he struggled to convince voters over his Brexit gamble.

Mr Cameron said: “Nancy and Elwen had been so engaged in the campaign, and so sweet and supportive to me.

“I knew they knew I was stressed, because they’d been hugging me more than usual.”

The autobiography also revealed a sweet anecdote about how a younger Elwen had to portray his own father during a school debate – on the morning David Cameron announced his resignation.

Mr Cameron wrote: “On the morning I gave my resignation speech outside No 10, Elwen was in a school project in which they would act out the UN having a debate on human rights.

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“They had been rehearsing, with a German girl in his class playing Angela Merkel, an American boy playing Barack Obama and Elwen playing me.

“The teachers asked him that morning if he wanted to go ahead, or if it would be too upsetting, given what had just happened.

“‘I want to do it for my dad’, he replied. His performance apparently had the watching parents in tears.”

It has been three years since David Cameron stepped down as prime minister following the country’s momentous vote to leave the European Union.

Now, Britain is on the precipe of chaos as the UK has seen another prime minister rise and fall over Brexit – with Boris Johnson left to try and find an end to it all.

In his first in-depth television interview, David Cameron talks to Tom Bradby on ITV tonight about the highs and lows of his premiership, along with his thoughts on the 2016 referendum.

The Cameron Interview is on ITV1 on September 16 at 8pm



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