Dame Deborah James enjoys a pint with her mum after emotional family goodbye

Dame Deborah James was enjoying a drink with her mum Heather after an emotional goodbye to her brother Ben as he travels to America.

Deborah, who is also known as BowelBabe and has been battling cancer for five years, enjoyed a drink in the sunshine with her mum, who aptly calls herself BowelGran on Instagram. Mother of two Deborah was diagnosed with incurable bowel cancer in 2016.

The 40-year-old campaigner has captured the hearts of the nation during her final years, as she was seen enjoying some quality time enjoying a pint with her beloved mum by her side, writes the Mirror.

The mother daughter duo were sat in front of a canal at a country pub called The Anchor in Woking.

Deborah and mum Heather enjoying a drink in the sun
Deborah and mum Heather enjoying a drink in the sun

Heather posted the photo on her Instagram story and wrote underneath the picture: “A lovely relaxing lunch in the sunshine”.

Deborah recently opened up about her emotional goodbye to brother Ben before he jets off on holiday to the US.

Deborah revealed how she insisted he “must not come back, under any circumstances”. She told The Sun of her brother, who recently got engaged to his longterm partner: “He’s off on holiday to the US tomorrow. I have told him they have to go, they’ve planned the trip for ages. I also told him he must not come back, under any circumstances.

“He says he’ll come home. It’ll be horrible saying goodbye to him. I can’t really think about it right now.”

Deborah, who shares son Hugo, 14, and 12-year-old Eloise with her husband Sebastian, is incredibly close with her family. She has chosen to only spend time with them as she receives end-of-life care at her parents’ home in Woking.

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