Dad shares powerful reaction to a man judging him for carrying his sick daughter

(Picture: Facebook/EmmaStrongInc)

A dad of a little girl who has cancer has shared an important message about jumping to judgement.

Brent Gehring was leaving dinner with his daughter, Emma, when a man yelled across the street.

‘When I crossed the street carrying her, […] a man yelled at me: “What the f***?”,’ wrote Brent on Facebook. ‘”Make her walk. That’s what is wrong with kids today.’

Brent had been carrying Emma across the road because she can’t walk without using a walker. She’s six years old and is about to start her seventh round of chemotherapy for a brain tumour.

Brent could have shouted back. He could have ignored the man’s comment.

Instead, he decided to turn the incident into a teaching moment.

‘I had a choice to make at that time,’ wrote Brent. ‘Can I make myself feel better by screaming at him or can I teach him something about life?

(Picture: Facebook/EmmaStrongInc)

‘I won’t lie to you and tell you that it was an easy choice but I got inches from his face, with my daughter in my arms, and quietly asked him if he was referring to my daughter. “Hell yes” he said.

‘I responded with “My daughter has been carrying my faith and my strength for the past 5 years since she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She can’t walk but I am happy to carry her because of all the amazing things she has taught me through the years. So I would advise you not address my daughter in any way other than respectful”

‘I won’t tell you the rest of the story but it ended with two grown men with tears rolling down their faces.’

Brent shared the story on Facebook to remind people that it’s impossible to know the full story of someone else’s life – so it’s important to avoid judgement.

(Picture: Facebook/EmmaStrongInc)

‘You have the power to make people’s days better or worse,’ he wrote. ‘What did you do today?? What will you do tomorrow??

‘I promise you this through hell and high water Emma has made each and every day of my life a blessing. I praise God for bringing her into my life. Emma you are perfect just as you are and we will help carry you through chemo #7.

‘This post doesn’t come looking for pity for Emma or my family. What I am asking is for a change in today’s world … a change in the way we think.

‘The world is what we as people make it. We have the power to make days better or worse for others. I choose to attempt to make lives better.’

Brent’s Facebook post has clearly hit home, as it’s been shared more than 1,276 times.

We can all learn an important lesson from it. We might not be the type of people to yell a rude comment at someone we don’t know, but we might think it. We could all do with trying to have a bit more compassion and understanding before we rush to judgement.

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