Dad blasted after he admits 'manipulating' daughter's husband so they divorce

Even when it’s obvious a relationship should end, it can cause a lot of distress and upset to those involved.

There might be an obvious reason, or it might just be the end of the road and no one could have prevented it.

But normally if someone is at fault – it is typically someone in the relationship who bears the brunt of responsibility.

Sometimes, however, it is someone outside of the relationship that prompted the break – and in one woman’s case, it’s her dad who feels responsible.

Not in a way you’d perhaps assume either.

The 49-year-old man asked for feedback on Reddit, over whether he’d acted unreasonably after his other daughter told him he was an ‘a**hole.’

Woman going through divorce and signing papers
Nat decided to divorce her husband after realising they’re not compatible

He wrote: “A couple of years ago my daughter (“Nat”) -who was 21 at the time – introduced us to her fiancé – a FORTY-SIX-year-old man.

“Literally one year younger than me. Everyone in the family was livid, my ex-wife, and so was I honestly.

“It took a lot of restraint not to lose control the first time I met him. Nat said they met at work.

“He wasn’t her direct supervisor due to them working different departments but that still didn’t sit right with me. She swore up and down they’re in love and they were gonna make it work.”

Unconvinced by the pairing, the dad-of-two took his friend’s advice to befriend him – but not so they could have a genuine relationship.

He explained: “But be his friend in a way that makes my daughter see his real age and show how completely different they really are.

“I wasn’t over the top with it but I did attempt to become close with him (not that I enjoyed any second of it).

“When they’d come over for a visit we spent hours talking about politics, work, what our plans were once we finally hit retirement, shared stories from childhood.

“Sometimes I could tell the conversations would bore my daughter even when we’d include her in them.”

A year on from the wedding, Nat has now decided she wants to divorce her husband, after realising they’re not “compatible.”

She even told her dad that it “felt weird how similar” her husband was to her dad. were.

Now the dad recently admitted to his other daughter that he only acted friendly towards him so Nat would see how old her husband was.

And she reacted very badly, accusing him of “intentionally manipulating” the man in order to end his marriage.

People on Reddit sided with the dad, with many claiming he simply sped up the process.

One wrote: “She would’ve figured out how similar you guys are throughout time. I don’t really think you tried to manipulate her marriage.”

Another said: “Ultimately she decided to end the marriage because she saw what the guy was really like and decided they were incompatible. You didn’t really manipulate anything, you just conversed and allowed Nat to see what she chose.”


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