Dacia plots gradual EV roll-out to maintain affordable pricing

Le Vot said: “Let me be clear: we accept our environmental responsibility and will hit all our targets. But by creating lightweight, clean cars, we’re offering more customers a way of doing more for the environment at a lower ticket price. We will be ready with electrification when we need to be, but by then the costs of the investment in the technology will be amortised and we will be able to offer the technology at an affordable price.”

Q&A: Denis Le Vot, Dacia CEO

Dacia is enjoying remarkable growth. How big can it get?

“We believe that the cars we sell today give us a prospective customer base of five million customers. When you add in the Jogger and the refreshed Dacia Duster, we think that pool will be 9.5 million. Add in the Bigster and it’s more like 13 million.”

Who is a typical Dacia customer?

“It’s a very broad span. Early on, it was more about customers looking to buy one of our cars rather than a second-hand model. These days, it’s more about new car buyers looking for terrific value – although typically used buyers are still a very significant proportion of our market. Loyalty is incredible, too: our repeat custom is well ahead of that of rivals.”

Is there a price-conscious customer base at the Bigster’s price point?


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