Customers confused by ASOS jeans that ‘finally acknowledge an IBS audience’

People are joking that these jeans were made for an ‘IBS audience’ (Picture: ASOS)

A pair of jeans can either be a woman’s best friend or enemy.

Yes, they can make you look fabulous but they can also cause unnecessary pain both mentally and physically.

However, women are well-adjusted to the mental impact of finding the right pair of jeans and the bodily harm wearing a pair can induce.

Pulling up a pair of tight jeans after five espresso martinis in a tiny bathroom cubicle is no easy feat, but we are experts.

It is this very expertise that means most of us are now oblivious to the irritation wearing jeans creates.

But it seems fashion brand ASOS thought creating a fix to these problems was a good idea.

The popular retailer has baffled consumers by creating a pair of jeans with a zip that starts at the front and follows all the way around the bum to the top of the back waistband.

Would you wear these jeans? (Picture: ASOS)

Some are even joking that the jeans were made for an ‘IBS audience.’

Instagram account @asbos_sos, which looks at some of the brand’s more questionable designs, shared a photo of the jeans with a caption that read: ‘Hats off to ASOS for finally acknowledging their IBS audience.’

Those in the comments shared their confusion at the circumferential zip jeans.

‘I don’t know what’s funnier, the jeans or the caption,’ wrote one Instagram user.

While another said: ‘Oh wow, who designed these and what were they thinking?’

The jeans are now sold out (Picture: ASOS)

Yet, there were some who thought the jeans were actually ingenious and would save hassle and time.

‘These are excellent,’ commented on impressed follower.

‘These are going to change the game,’ said another.

Despite the many individuals who expressed the opinion that these jeans were simply needless, there were many more who thought differently because the jeans are now sold out.

So if you were planning on purchasing a pair of sweeping zip jeans, you are out of luck.

Better luck next time, folks.

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