Curvy Kate: Think sleeping in a bra is uncomfortable? Think again…

We’ve all been there, ladies…you go to sleep in a sexy nightie, only to find your boobies running free in the morning…

What if we told you we had a chemise (or two) that would solve all your fuller bust problems when sleeping? 

You all loved our 5 star rated In My Dreams bralette, so it’s only right we reinvent it into a oh so cute chemise… consider yourselves spoiled!

For fuller bust ladies, did you know it’s actually MORE comfortable to sleep with a bra on? and no, I’m not talking about your daily wired bra, but one that’s softer but also supportive enough to keep

those babies in place…it’s almost like I’m describing our In My Dreams bralette and brand new chemise! *wink wink* 

Did you know?

Sleeping with a bra on for fuller bust ladies actually limits breast movement and prevents any pain you might experience in the day, and it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable!

Our new In My Dreams chemise features the same ‘hug me’ mesh panels for secure containment as well as the same soft marl ‘boob separator’, which you loved about the bralette, to reduce boob rub and sweat that would otherwise cause bacteria and unwanted discomfort, allowing you to have a peaceful nights sleep! 

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