'Cummings' account of No. 10 carnage made Dracula's castle look like safe space'

Dominic Cummings may not be a reliable witness.

Yet there was one statement he made today which rang indisputably true.

It was “completely crackers” someone like him should have been in Downing Street, he admitted, before adding it was equally crackers that Boris Johnson is also there.

The Prime Minister can dismiss his former chief adviser’s evidence as the ravings of a bitter outcast hellbent on revenge.

What he cannot avoid is he was the person who appointed him.

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Of course, Cummings used the stage to present himself in the best possible light.

Poor Dom is much misunderstood, not least by himself.

He protested he was neither as clever as people thought and protested that his general brilliance did not get the credit it deserved.

Even if we believe just a fraction of what he had to say, he gave a mesmerising account of the carnage at the centre of power.

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The picture he painted of life inside No 10 made Dracula’s castle look like safe space.

At a time of national emergency our country was being run by a Prime Minister who relished chaos, changed his mind at least ten times a day and regularly ignored advice.

When it came to training his sights on his targets, Cummings had the crosshairs planted on Matt Hancock’s forehead.

The Health Secretary, he claimed, repeatedly lied, derailed the test and trace system and reneged on his pledge to protect residents of care homes.

By pursuing his vendetta against Hancock, he drew the heat from the Prime Minister.

Yet it was Johnson who refused to put in policies to protect our borders, was too slow on two occasions to go into lockdown and at one point suggested being injected live on TV with coronavirus.

Dominic Cummings (left), former Chief Adviser to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, arriving at Portcullis House, central London, to give evidence to a joint inquiry of the Commons Health and Social Care and Science and Technology Committees on the subject of Coronavirus: lessons learnt
Cummings eviscerated Matt Hancock as he pursues his vendetta

“Tens of thousands of people died who didn’t need to die,” Cummings said.

In the end that is what this is all about.

Not the excuses, the blame shifting, the settling of scores, the clashes of egos or the bloodletting.

It is about who is responsible for allowing such an unforgivably large number of deaths.


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