Crossword blog: introducing a new puzzle – the cluedoku

When was the last time you discussed a sudoku? Or laughed while solving one?

Precisely. The sudoku is a decent enough puzzle, but it is not known for its humour or memorableness. Until now.

Chameleon, known outside crosswording as Charlie Methven, has invented a new kind of puzzle, the cluedoku. It combines the laws of sudoku with the spirit of cryptic crosswords. Here it is as a PDF.

We’re not giving the solution yet because all the answers will reveal themselves once you’ve stared at them for long enough. Chameleon will return here in a fortnight with a full explanation: please do leave feedback and questions below.

If you’re interested in guest-setting, for our American-style series or otherwise, do get in touch using the comments or @alanconnor; in the meantime, my thanks to Chameleon for letting us host his cluedoku; there is more of his work, including crossword haikus, at his site.


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