Crazy England fan lands on woman as he leaps off double-decker bus and crashes through bus stop roof

A rowdy England fan sent a woman flying when he jumped off a double-decker bus, crashed through a bus stop roof and landed on top of her.

Revellers were celebrating the Three Lions’ World Cup win over Sweden when the unsuspecting woman was knocked onto the floor in Clapham Junction, south London.

In the video, horrified witnesses scream and a young boy looks on as the woman gets up and looks down at her hands and arms to see if she is injured.

Fans went wild after England knocked off Sweden to advance to the semi-final, but some took their celebrations too far as they climbed on top of vehicles or damaged property.

The man and woman lay on the floor in front of stunned witnesses

Revellers in Borough High Street, south London jumped on an ambulance car – smashing the windscreen and bonnet – and left it so badly damaged it is unable to respond to patients.

Others climbed lampposts or Tube signs outside London Bridge station, and red smoke bombs were set off in the crowd.

In Manchester city centre, fans jumped on top of a police van, while revellers in Birmingham climbed on top of a bus.

Bus stops and car windows were smashed during celebrations in Nottingham.

A damaged ambulance car had to be taken out of service

Revellers on top of a police van in Manchester

And a horde of fans invaded an outlet of Swedish furniture giant IKEA in Stratford, east London where they jumped on a display bed, kicked cushions and chanted loudly as staff struggled to contain them.

In the Clapham Junction incident, revellers invaded the street and brought traffic to a halt in St John’s Hill after England went through to the World Cup semi-finals for the first time since 1990.

Footage shows a man standing on top of the double-decker bus and swinging his arms as people chant and clap in the 30C heat.

The man leaps off the bus and onto the glass roof

The man crashed through the roof and landed on the woman

The man jumps up and down, turns around and then leaps off the bus.

He crashes through the glass roof of the bus stop and lands on a woman dressed in black.

She and the man climb to their feet almost immediately as people move in to see if they are injured.

The man and woman climb to their feet after he landed on her

Fans had invaded the street to celebrate England’s win

The incident unfolded around 6pm on Saturday as celebrations were well underway in cities across England, with fans dousing each other in beer, chanting and dancing in the streets.

While most revellers were responsible, a few managed to spoil the fun with dangerous antics.

In one incident, a family walking their dog were almost run over by a car with two shirtless men riding on the bonnet in Folkestone, Kent.

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Two shirtless men raise their drinks as they ride on the bonnet of a car

The parents pulled their small child out of the way, and the men – carrying drinks – were thrown off the bonnet when the car came to a stop.

One of the men appeared to be run over as the car drove off.

It was estimated that a record 30 million people would watch the match on TV in the UK, and fans would sink about 38 million pints at home and in pubs, where revellers started queuing five hours before kick-off.

With their 2-0 victory over Sweden, the Three Lions will now face Croatia in the semi-finals on Wednesday night.


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