Covid vaccine side effects: The surprising COVID-19 symptom showing up post-vaccination

The team noticed that people who had been vaccinated and then tested positive for COVID-19 were more likely to report sneezing as a symptom compared with those without a jab. ‍

“If you’ve been vaccinated and start sneezing a lot without an explanation, you should definitely get a COVID test, especially if you are living or working around people who are at greater risk from the disease,” they advised.

Generally, the team of science experts saw the same symptoms of COVID-19 being reported in the app by people who had and hadn’t been vaccinated, including loss of smell (anosmia), cough, fever, headaches and fatigue.

However, fewer symptoms were reported over a shorter period of time by those who’d had a jab, suggesting that they were falling less seriously ill and getting better more quickly.

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