COVID-19: Patients protest in Gombe isolation centre over lack of care

Abdulrazaq Mungadi, Gombe

COVID-19 patients at the isolation centre Kwadon in Yamaltu-Deba Local Government Area (LGA) of Gombe State, have on Tuesday protested over what they described as a lack of proper attention to their medical conditions outside COVED-19.

Daily Sun reported that the patients who were over 20 broke loose from the centre and blocked the Federal highway connecting Gombe to Biu in Borno state.

According to some of the patients, prior to their admission into the isolation facility they were battling some ailment and that they have not been given medications for the ailments such as ulcer and others including care for a patient.

Daily Sun gathered from an eyewitness at that a female patient who had a wound as a result of injection abscess complained that for the past three days, the medical personnel had refused to dress the wound.

The patients also alleged that, the state task force on COVID-19 went on air claiming that it fed each of them on half chicken daily while it was not true.

However, in a swift reaction, the state Commissioner of Information Ibrahim El-hassan Kwami, admitted that there was protest and it was predicated on three issues. He said, the first issue bordered around isolating the patients at the centre with no drugs or medication being administered on them. He revealed that they knew that it was because none of them was symptomatic: There was no way anybody could be given drug without showing any symptoms.”

He said the second issue was, they had been isolated while their families at home had not been taken care of which he said was unreasonable. It would be more reasonable if they talked about their personal welfare not family, they have gone too far in that regard, he said.

While urging the patients to be calm that the task force will do everything possible to address their grievances, the information commissioner said: “The third issue was that one of the patients was having an ailment which they were not comfortable sharing bathroom with.”

Also chairman of the task force committee, Prof. Idris Mohammed, revealed that the bad news was that, the protesters who had tested positive for virus had gone out of isolation facility to meet with people of the community.

He said with 92 confirmed cases Gombe was yet to record any community transmission of the disease. However, he said with Tuesday’s development in Kwadon the state would be faced with the dangers unrestricted spread.

Daily Sun also gathered from the task force that the protest by the COVID-19 patients was not limited to the isolation centre Kwadon, as patients in the isolation ward of the Federal Teaching Hospital (FTH) also broke loose tying to go home.

The patients who also protested in the premises of the ward alleged lack of good welfare for but both the patients and their care givers. Daily Sun learnt from someone at the ward that the protesters were protesting against claims officials of the state Government made on radio program that the patients were been feed on half chicken every day.


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