Home africa COVID-19 cannot be fully halted without vaccine — Epidemiologist

COVID-19 cannot be fully halted without vaccine — Epidemiologist

COVID-19 cannot be fully halted without vaccine — Epidemiologist

Dr. Shehu Okunola, an epidemiologist, has said the Coronavirus Disease pandemic outbreak cannot be halted without a vaccine.

Okunola, who spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria on Monday in Abuja, advised Nigerians not to think of a natural immunity as a protection from an outbreak and transmission of an infectious disease like COVID-19.

He said there was no such herd immunity against the virus as there was evidence of re-infection in the population.

He said: “Even if there was, we are nowhere close.

“Less than five per cent of people worldwide have had COVID-19.

“Immunity to COVID-19 fades after a few months.

“Someone can get re-infected repeatedly until they die from it.

“Unless we take steps now to minimise how it gets transmitted.

“No one can limit the extent of spread of a virus.

“Think about the word viral.

“It is spontaneous spread.

“We have to learn how to live with it until a potent vaccine comes to halt the outbreak.”

Okunola said herd immunity to COVID-19 was still a debate because the antibodies against the virus decay fast upon recovery.

The expert said there was a mixed picture on immunity, stressing that the spread of COVID-19 in the world was very uneven.

He added: “Some people don’t believe there is a virus, but the disease is a virus.

“It has not gone away yet.

“That’s science.

“We have to learn to live with it by taking all the preventive measurements.”


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