Home asia Cosmoprof Asia Digital Week Introduces Skintectonic by ELEVEN HUESDAY, an Intensely Healing …

Cosmoprof Asia Digital Week Introduces Skintectonic by ELEVEN HUESDAY, an Intensely Healing …

Cosmoprof Asia Digital Week Introduces Skintectonic by ELEVEN HUESDAY, an Intensely Healing …

Soothing, moisturising, repairing

Ideal for sensitive skins, Skintectonic’s three new products are certified hypoallergenic and offer highly functional solutions focusing on core active ingredients to rejuvenate tired and damaged skin.

Skintectonic’s smart ingredients cover the three main steps of soothing, moisturising and repair. In essence, the collection rescues, repairs and then protects the skin’s health, recovering the skin’s natural regeneration cycle in order to initiate self-healing.

A trio to the rescue

1 – Skintectonic C5 Soothing Mask: This sheet mask instantly cools hot and inflamed skin, providing moisturising and nourishing via Stem Cell Complex C5 for quick and powerful results.

2 – Skintectonic Soothing Sun: This non-nano inorganic sunscreen is formulated with D-Panthenol and Madecassoside to minimise irritation while protecting the skin from UV rays.

3 – Skintectonic Recovery Serum: This triple intensive care serum incorporates eight types of peptides, EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) and seven types of hyaluronic acid to restore healthy and silky skin. The serum replenishes moisture, boosts elasticity and minimises the appearance of wrinkles.

A note from the CEO

Sun-hee Hwang, CEO of ELEVEN HUESDAY, launched the new Skintectonic Line to comfort tired skin during this harsh era. Hwang assures customers that the products can be used at home (as well as in aesthetic clinics and spas), and on all skin types, particularly recommending the Skintectonic C5 Soothing Mask and Skintectonic Recovery Serum to relieve issues caused by wearing a facemask. 

At-home care – a timely trend

Hwang is also excited to introduce ELEVEN HUESDAY’s intensive and effective healing home-care healing products during Cosmoprof Asia Digital Week, responding to the increase in the demand for home care as many are confined inside.

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The Face & Neck Sparkling Mask removes dirt and oil, cleansing the pores and returning radiance to the skin. Customers can also choose between four types of intensely hydrating Ultra Deep Fluid ampoules, depending on their skin type and condition. The Pinkberry Firming Sleep Mask works overnight on dehydrated and tired skin, customers waking up with moist and elastic complexions.


Discover more about ELEVEN HUESDAY and other exhibitors ahead of Cosmoprof Asia Digital Week on https://digital-week.cosmoprof-asia.com/en-us/Visit/Exhibitor-List-2020.

Register here to connect with ELEVEN HUESDAY 

Or alternatively contact:

Sunny Hwang, CEO
Phone: +82-10 4659 7936
Email: [email protected]

Cosmoprof Asia Digital Week

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