Coronavirus live news: deaths surge in Brazil and Russia as Trump says US is quitting WHO

As has happened on multiple previous occasions where this volatile trade has been disrupted, sheep can be held safely and comfortably in the feedlot where they are now, until they can be transported and slaughtered humanely in WA abattoirs.

The only financial impact will be on the multimillion-dollar companies that own these sheep, Kuwait Livestock Transport and Trading (KLTT) and its subsidiary Rural Exports and Trading WA (RETWA).

These are companies that – given the delays that routinely occur in live export loading – took a very unreasonable risk in trying to rush out this last shipment so close to the deadline.

That risk has now foreseeably backfired, and these sheep – as well as the reputation of the wider industry – should not be forced to pay the price for that dangerous risk-taking behaviour.


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