Coronavirus Australia live updates: curfew lifts in Melbourne as jobkeeper payment cut

We’ve done everything to make sure that we’ve supported the economy, supported workers still being attached to their businesses.

We’ve done … and you can ask many businesses there. Deloitte economists can say what they like, but you go down any street in any regional community, indeed, any capital city in Australia, and talk to small business owners and they’ll say but for jobkeeper, their businesses would not be reopening.

But it’s time for Australians to get back to work. That’s why we have to make the transition. That’s why we have to revisit the support mechanisms we’ve put in place.

We’ve been generous with $314bn and next week’s budget will be a jobs and infrastructure budget.

We’ve put in place the right parameters for the economy. We’ve made sure that as many workers can stay engaged with their work.

Yes, it’s been difficult for those people who have lost jobs – many of whom have had to go on welfare for the first time in their careers, and that’s why we put the jobseeker measures in place. But it is time for Australians to get back to work.


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