Corbynista Sarkar mocked by panellists for using bizarre language in shock BBC QT first

Ms Sarkar was caught using a strange slang word that host Fiona Bruce said had never been used on the show before. In response to Lib Dem deputy leader Ed Davey commenting on Labour’s Brexit stance, Ms Sarkar called Mr Davey a slang word.

She said: “It’s the same as your position was until two weeks ago bro!”

Mr Davey responded: “No, it’s not.”

The rest of the panel appeared to smirk at Ms Sarkar’s comment which led Ms Bruce to respond to the bizarre language.

She said: “Do you know, that’s the first time I’ve had anyone on the panel say ‘bro’.

“Getting down with the kids!”

The audience and the panel then erupted with laughter at Ms Bruce’s response.

Ms Sarkar made some explosive comments throughout the show which included attacking Tory Crime Minister Victoria Atkins.

Ms Sarkar attacked Ms Atkins for trying to play a “straight bat” on the Supreme Court ruling.

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“And now when a very simple question is put to you about, ‘will there Parliament be shut down again?’, you can’t even say whether or not you would support it.

“You are elected to represent your constituency, and to put your view across, not just be blindly loyal to Boris Johnson!”

Ms Atkins said in response: “And frankly, one of the best ways I can represent my constituents who voted very strongly to leave is not to take advice from a Corbynista who describes herself as a communist!”

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Ms Sarkar threw her arms up in the air and shrugged in response to Ms Atkin’s brutal blow.

Ms Bruce mocked Ms Sarkar again when she interrupted Mr Davey by saying, “I’m not being rude but…”

Mr Davey mocked her and said: “I think you’re about to be, aren’t you?”

Ms Bruce laughed and then quipped: “You could always call him bro again?”

The Lib Dem leader then laughed and tried to imitate Ms Sarkar’s slang.

Mr Davey said: “C’mon sis, hurry up!”

Ash Sarkar is a Senior Editor for Novara Media and an activist.



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