Corbyn chaos: Labour heading for Scottish election wipeout

Scottish Labour will be hoping to hold on to its seven MPs at Westminster in Thursday’s election. But polls are suggesting Labour is on course to lose six of its seven seats in Scotland to the SNP. But Scottish Labour candidate for Midlothian Danielle Rowley is hoping her anti-austerity pledge will help sway some voters.

She told POLITICO: “This is the fastest-growing area in Scotland, but we’re suffering from a lack of investment.

“We want to get things running again after years and years of Tory cuts.”

Labour has been pressed throughout the campaign over its position on Scottish independence and Brexit, as well as whether they would agree to any pact with the SNP in the event of being in a position to form a minority Government.

The party has also said it stands against a second independence vote and would not grant another in the first few years of being in power, will not form any pacts and will give people a final say on Brexit within six months of being elected.

Mark Diffley, an Edinburgh-based pollster, said Mr Corbyn iss even less popular with Scottish voters than Boris Johnson.

He said: “The most recent ratings on Corbyn suggest that around seven in ten Scots think he is doing badly, while just 13 percent think he’s doing well.

“On a head-to-head, 29 percent say they would prefer Johnson as prime minister as opposed to 23 percent who would rather see Corbyn — although almost half can’t decide between the two.”

Coree Brown Swan, a constitutional researcher at Edinburgh University, believes the Labour Party is struggling to find its own identity in Scotland while trying to keep up with the SNP.

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Stopping the state pension age rises has also been promised by the party, along with building of 120,000 new council and social houses, as well as giving free school meals to all primary and secondary pupils in Scotland.

Mr Leonard added: “I think that the stakes are really high in this election and people have had a few General Elections in the last few years and this time, if there was to be a Tory majority, they wouldn’t be given a chance to vote again for another five years.

“So it’s really important that people see this as a once in a five-year opportunity to determine the future of the country and not just for the next five years but for a generation.

“I think the Labour Party is offering people a radical, exciting programme that could make a real difference.”

He added: “I suppose my message is that this is all possible – it doesn’t have to be like this, we can change things, but the only way things will change is by voting Labour.

“There’s no other party that can deliver the kind of change that Labour wants to see. There is no other party that forms an alternative to a Tory Government .”



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