Corbyn betraying British working class because of twisted commie ideology – Gove

The cabinet minister savaged the Labour leader for betraying a “once great party” and said he had become “utterly detached” from the concerns of hard-working Britons. He claimed Labour was in “the grip of an ideological clique” who loathed the British institutions which “bind us together as a nation” – “from our military to the Monarchy, our history and our traditions”.

Writing in the Mail on Sunday, he said: “In place of liberty, Corbyn’s Labour believe in a Big Brother state, raising taxes, confiscating property and restricting free speech.

“Labour are no longer on the side of those who work hard, contribute to our society and want a square deal from the Government.

“Instead they are more interested in divisive identity politics than helping working people.”

The Tory MP railed against the Labour’s “extremism”, claiming the party was in “the grip of an ideological clique”.

These “ideologues” had “joked about the death of Leave voters”, “celebrated the revolutionary regime in Iran” and “used hateful language” about the Jewish community, he wrote.

He continued: “Under previous Labour leaders, these extremists would never have been allowed within a million miles of the manifesto.

“Now they use the name of a once great party to legitimise an agenda that is utterly detached from the instincts and concerns of working people.

“The institutions which bind us together as a nation – from our military to the Monarchy, our history and our traditions – are anathema to them.

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The Deltapoll for The Mail on Sunday, which interviewed 1,526 British adults between November 14 and 16, found the Tories jumping to a 15-point lead over Labour.

Support for the Tories has surged to 45 percent, while Labour trailed behind on 30 percent.

The Lib Dems dropped to 11 percent, down five points since last week’s survey.

The Brexit Party remained behind the Lib Dems, with six percent of voting intention.



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