The UK alone uses 13 billion plastic bottles every year. Only 7.5 billion of those are recycled and the remaining 5.5 billion are landfilled, littered, or incinerated. Landfill and incineration of plastic bottles produces approximately 233,000 tonnes of CO2e emissions a year. Plastic bottles make up a third of all plastic pollution in the sea. If marine plastic pollution continues to rise at its current rate, the amount of plastic in the sea will outweigh fish by 2050.

This has to Change.

This season CONSIGNED takes further steps in driving the brand to be more ethical and caring for the environment with its fully sustainable collection of bags and accessories.

The RE-CONSIGNED Collection is produced from used plastic bottles broken down into tiny
fragments, crushed, and then spun into thread which is then re-constructed into their new
signature body and lining RE-CONSIGNED, Global Recycled Standard certified fabric.

The material is a waterproof base which features a rip stop type weave for extra strength and durability. The construction of the material also means it is suited for closed loop recycling, so at the end of its life span can be recycled again & again. A small step in towards improving a global issue.

In addition to the recycled materials the new collection has also moved forward in its overall
aesthetic. Many of the bags feature a new multi wear function which can be adjusted to
preference, and all exposed zips have specialist waterproof trims and zip details.

As well as the outer body fabric, the collections inner lining is also made from fully recycled
materials and the whole range will be packaged in recyclable plastic dust bags.

The visual concept for this season’s campaign is built around the labels on the plastic bottles that we discard without thought on a daily basis. We want to highlight how many items of plastic can be recycled and go towards producing our lifestyle accessories and how if we buy more consciously and ethically, we can all make a difference to our environment.

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