Conscious Gifting

The Holiday Season is upon us, which means gift shopping has begun. With the holiday season usually comes excessive consumption. Did you know, 80% of Black Friday- purchased goods, cloth, and plastic packaging ends up in a landfill, incinerated, or low quality recycling. This year we challenge you to give essential presents so you can be present with your loved ones.

We put together several tips and tricks for how to give consciously and mindfully this holiday season:

  1. Write down your list of loved ones to gift.
  2. Brainstorm on their needs and essentials they might be lacking. We love Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and this version of the buyerarchy to jumpstart the conversation.
  3. Put together a list of brands that sell that product for each person using this methodology:
    • What is it made out of?
    • Where is it made?
    • How long can one use it?
    • Are there instructions on how to dispose of it when you’re done?

Does the company do any giveback initiatives in their community?
Once you have your list, we love to use excel or google doc to cross compare brands/products attributes to hone in on the one that puts a jig in our step.
Still having trouble brainstorming? Gift cards are a great option if you want to ensure the perfect gift for your loved ones. Anact gift cards start at $10 and are available here. We also put together a list of sustainable items based on the person in your life.

One of the reasons we love gifting essentials especially products in the home goods space is because the pandemic showed us just how valuable it is to make your home your nest.

Finally closing the loop which ties back to both needs and sustainability. Moving towards gifting items which will reach the end of life and be able to be used in multiple facets until the item reaches the end of its life and returns to the earth. Closing the loop is a great way to make sure items are sustainable all the way through their purposes until the very end and can meet multiple needs for the user creating a truly thoughtful gift.

Here at Anact we are committed to this form of gift giving year round whether it is during the holiday season, graduation, baby shower, house warming, wedding gifting etc. Our towels check the boxes for all your conscious needs..

Our hemp and organic cotton:

  • Responsibility sourced from farm to production
  • Uses the highest quality of hemp and organic cotton to create a luxurious experience
  • Meeting your needs because everyone needs a towel
  • Best towel on the market
  • Designed with end of life in mind so you know your towels will last you a long time
  • When they are done can go right back to the earth from where they came

Cheers to giving conscious presents while being present this holiday year.

Read more about Anact on the brandpage:


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