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Company car drivers want EVs


Employees are also keen to have EV charging points installed at their workplaces; 30% of those surveyed think this would be a positive move, and 31% would like to see EV carpooling introduced. 

Poppy Welch, head of Go Ultra Low, said: “Everyone is trying to be that little bit more eco-friendly right now, but it can be tricky when it’s out of your hands. Our research shows that EVs offer a popular solution for companies looking to reduce their environmental footprint and satisfy their workers’ concerns.

“Recent changes to BIK tax means EVs offer low-hanging fruit to employers looking to enhance their company’s green credentials. From their reduced environmental impact to the savings you can make on fuel, tax and maintenance costs, EVs bring significant benefits,” she added. 

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Company car tax explained

The idea of being able to drive something brand new without any initial outlay – or the need to pay for insurance or maintenance – might sound like a dream come true, but you need to go in with your eyes open.

If your job demands you spend a lot of time on the road, then chances are you’ll automatically be supplied with the company’s standard model (common options include the Ford Focus and Vauxhall Astra), but you may also be offered a wider choice.

Some employers will give you the option to ‘upgrade yourself’ by letting you make a cash contribution to the car, or you could get a rebate if you take something cheaper.

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