COLOURS & SONS: Sustainability and social responsibility

The topic of sustainability and social responsibility is more important than ever.

This is true for the consumer, as well as for companies.

At COLOURS & SONS, we take this responsibility seriously. As part of collection development, season after season we not only fine-tune WHAT (is produced), but also place equal emphasis on HOW (it is produced) and how we can keep improving that.

For example, in addition to classic natural fibers, we use fabrics that have been recycled from old textiles, plastic bottles or fabric scraps. Fabric scraps generated during production are reprocessed as design elements, e.g. as bag pouches in jeans production, in order to reduce waste.

With each new collection, the proportion of articles made from sustainably produced raw materials, such as organic cotton, and the use of certified yarns also increases.

In higher-quality material groups, such as cashmere, we use, among other things, undyed material from Mongolia, which is sorted according to its natural pigments and thus different colors can be achieved. In heavy knit and denim, we use, among other things, natural dyes obtained, for example, from pomegranate peel or hibiscus flowers.

And how do you, the end consumer, benefit from this? For example, each item comes with a matching bracelet made from recycled PES as a small gift. We also offer every customer in our online store the option of using old cardboard boxes for shipping. In addition, we only use bags made of recycled, biodegradable plastic to package our items.

All this is only possible on the basis of long-term partnerships with our suppliers and producers, with whom we have established a common understanding of values in our Code of Conduct with regard to working and production conditions.

So can we be described as a 100% sustainable brand? No. Nevertheless, we take our responsibility seriously by making our contribution to improvement and constantly working to increase it.

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