Collection VI : Livia Tang AW 21

Collection VI : Livia Tang AW 21

‘The longing to reunite, to feel connected again’

Cotton Lace collar embroidered with Hand drawn motifs; A mythic creature from the classic tale of Mountains and Seas – two birds inseparable in one body flying ever together. Another hand-illustrated detail of a female figure hidden on the inside of the jacket Lapel, gives an inkling of a gloomy scene from the Hänsel and Gretel tale. Collection VI is imagined in a stoney, otherworldly page from The Classic of Mountains and Seas in the lookbook.

Researching into reclaimed fabrics and overstock fabrics from different origins, the capsule collection is 80% made out of reclaimed fabrics & Offcuts from previous collections, in an attempt to make the sourcing and production process less wasteful and more circular. Reclaimed fabrics including a Japanese Acetate tweed woven in hallucinating colours of pink and green; A Pinstriped Worsted wool can be seen in the tailoring pieces adorned with Airbrushed Agoya Shell Buttons; A Multicoloured Lamé Camouflage in shades of pink and red; A Blush pink Dobby spot Georgette, a metallic Bouclé Tweed and more.

Making limited pieces together with One-Of-a Kind pieces including a sculpted coat with pockets patchworked from a dark blue jacquard reused from the previous collection. Tang’s signature Bow Blouse is revived in a Mauve Tencel fabric; Further reinterpreted in a new style, a Blushed pink dress adorned with blooming cherry blossom Lace.

The juxtaposition of fluid lace against a structural pink and greed tweed, the Lamé Camouflage Gown trimmed with a hint of the Houndstooth from the previous collection. Classic Bouclé Tweed with shimmering blue metallic yarns is manipulated in a cropped manner; Pink Lamé collar Lace dress with a full skirted silhouette allowing the wearer to move freely. Tomboyish and coyness interlocked, the skin showing pieces in the collection are topped with either suiting or vest.

Between the escapism of gowns, dresses and the real world of Tailored suits, the wish of putting on a ‘Uniform’ to explore is soon to come true.

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