Coleen Nolan teases tears and laughter in new series of sisters' cruising show


Ahead of the new series of their show, The Nolans Go Crusing, Coleen speaks to Notebook about why it’s so important to her to make memories with her sisters, and how they are still learning about each other

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The Nolans Go Cruising trailer

The Nolan sisters are up to their old antics again as The Nolans Go Cruising returns to our screens. This time, their sister Denise – who was unable to make the previous series – is along for the ride as the girls journey around the British Isles.

As well as enjoying the sights, the five siblings will also be hitting the stage as they perform together again for their fellow passengers. Plus there will also be lots of laughter and tears, as the ladies catch up after what has been a very difficult few years.

Here, we talk to Coleen, 56, about the cruise, and how she’s feeling ahead of son Shane’s wedding to the gorgeous Maddie Wahdan. The series ends with a bang at Shane’s engagement party, which the sisters assure us was a night to remember.

We also chat to Denise, 69, Maureen, 67, Anne, 70, and Linda, 62, about the show, and find out how Anne and Linda are coping after their cancer diagnoses last year.

Linda, Coleen, Anne, and Maureen Nolan are heading off cruising again



Hi, Coleen! Let’s talk about the upcoming season of The Nolans Go Cruising…

It was so much fun. We had a great time seeing parts of the country that we normally wouldn’t go to. Plus, Denise was able to join us this time around, which was amazing.

How was it having her along for the trip?

It was really important for her to be able to be with us on this one. We never get the chance as sisters to have that time together.

What’s the dynamic when it’s the five of you?

We all slip back into what it was like when we were kids. I instantly become the baby. [Laughs] We always have such a laugh. We also had really deep conversations and learnt a lot about each other.

That sounds interesting…

There were insecurities that some of my sisters had that I didn’t know about. We were able to have much more meaningful conversations than we usually can.

Since Linda and Anne had their cancer diagnoses, does it feel more important to make memories?

Over the past year, we were worried we wouldn’t get the opportunity to do it again. After everything Anne and Linda have been through, it was so special for all five of us to do this together.

What’s your outlook on the future?

I just want to relish all the moments we get to spend together. We’re always in touch, but where I live in Cheshire, I don’t get to see them as much.

Coleen Nolan is the nation’s favourite Loose Woman



Is that difficult for you?


What’s next for the Nolans?

Every day we have together is a bonus for us. At the moment, I’m focusing on Linda. She’s always going to have cancer so it’ll always be a worry. You just never know what’s around the corner. I’d love to think we could do this all again — a cruise to the Caribbean would be nice!

The series culminates in Shane’s engagement party. What was that like?

Fantastic. We should have just got a registrar and done the wedding while we were at it, because it was exactly like a big wedding. To see everyone there celebrating was really emotional.

How does it feel watching Shane prepare for his wedding day?

I’m just really happy for him and luckily he’s marrying someone who I love very much. Maddie is brilliant. They’ve both been living with me for the last three or four years. It’s time for them now to move on.

Is it hard to let go?

It is, but it’s a lovely feeling to know that you’ve done your job, and done it well. I think all my kids have turned out really well.

In the first series, the Nolan sisters went to the Sky Lounge in Marseille, France

We’re told you try to domesticate Shane a little more in this series. How does that go down?

Out of all my children, he is the laziest! [Laughs] I’m not saying that out of turn – he knows! I tried to show him that it’s not really the big things that make the difference… it’s all the little things.

What kind of husband do you think he’ll be?

I hope he’ll be a great husband. I think he’s ready for it. As long as they’re both happy, that’s all I can hope for.

Is he nervous at all?

Oh, he will be! Maddie has organised the wedding with military precision. She told me she’s had it planned since she was seven. [Laughs]

That’s lovely. Shane was meant to join you on the cruise as well, but he couldn’t make it…

Oh, it was awful. He caught Covid and it was horrible for lots of reasons. Firstly, we were all devastated he wasn’t with us, because he’s so much fun and we would have had a right laugh. Secondly, as a mother, I felt like I needed to be home with my son.

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