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Traditionally, a gimlet is just gin and lime (fresh or cordial), but we’ve upped the ante here with a 24-hour gin infusion featuring a range of different Asian flavours. We use Roku gin as the base, because, as well as standard gin botanicals, it also contains several specifically Japanese ones, including sencha tea, sansho pepper and yuzu, which lift the drink to a whole new level.

Haru gimlet

Serves 1

For the infused gin (makes enough for 7-8 serves)
1 stick lemongrass, bulb end only, trimmed and grated (save the rest for another use)
1 tsp grated lime zest

1½ tbsp grated fresh ginger
375ml Roku gin

For the drink
50ml infused gin (see above and method)
4 tsp (20ml) fresh lime juice
2 tsp (10ml) elderflower cordial
½ tsp standard 1:1 sugar syrup

At least a day ahead, put the grated lemongrass, lime zest and ginger in a jar, add the gin and leave to infuse for 24 hours. Fine strain into a sterilised jar, seal and keep in the fridge.

To build the drink, put everything in a shaker, add a good handful of ice and shake hard. Strain into a coupe glass (a chilled one, ideally) and serve.

• Dorian Demouselle, bar supervisor, Dinings, London SW3


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