Climate change ‘number one concern for Brits’ for the first time, landmark research reveals

CLIMATE change is now the number one concern for most Brits, landmark research reveals.

For the first time, people in the UK are now worried about the environment than anything else – more than those fretting about the economy or even Covid.

Climate change is now a bigger concern for Brits than Covid and the economy, one research study showed


Climate change is now a bigger concern for Brits than Covid and the economy, one research study showedCredit: Bav Media

The inaugural SEC Newgate ESG Monitor, a global research study of public attitudes, revealed the stark news ahead of the PM hosting COP26 in Glasgow in 10 days’ time.

71 per cent of Brits say climate change is a concern, 70 per cent are fretting about Covid, and 67 per cent the economy.

And similar results were seen in other countries too, including Australia, France, Germany, Italy, China and the USA.

10,000 customers in ten countries globally say that half are interested in eco issues and two in five have boycotted firms for not being green enough.

And fewer than one in five people say they are willing to pay much more for products and services – even if they are more eco-friendly.

Sectors such as healthcare and technology came out well, but technology, airlines and chemicals were seen as having lower green credentials.

Emma Kane, CEO at SEC Newgate UK, said: “We live in an age of activism.

“The fact that climate change tops the agenda for consumers, just days before COP 26, should be a wake-up call for all of us.

” In Glasgow in November, the diplomats will be under enormous pressure to deliver new carbon reduction targets and a framework for sustainable development.

“But business will be under equal pressure afterwards to deliver a meaningful roadmap that takes us to a green and good economy. Failure will not be tolerated by consumers.”

Earlier this week Boris Johnson wrote for The Sun, insisting Brits don’t need to be worried about the boiler police kicking down doors to get their combis.

In an article to reassure Brits about climate change, he insisted his plan to go green was fair and would deliver change.

Boris Johnson goes full Greta Thunberg telling kids elders have ‘stolen their future’


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