Classic Mini owners can now buy an electric vehicle conversion kit

Swindon Powertrain Classic Mini Kit
Swindon Powertrain Classic Mini Kit

Owners of classic Mini models can now buy an electric powertrain conversion kit to breathe new life into the old models.

Swindon Powertrain is now selling a standalone electric motor and battery pack that will allow private customers and EV conversion specialists to breathe new life into classic models.

The motor provides a continuous 80kW (106bhp) or a peak of 120kW (159bhp) and can be paired with various EV upgrades the company offers, such as a 12kWh battery, motor controller, onboard charger and converter.

Swindon Powertrain Classic Mini Kit
(Swindon Powertrain)

The Classic Mini Kit has been designed to require no extra modifications to the car. The powertrain is an HPD E unit and has been mounted to an original front subframe with new mounts. It also gets redesigned inner CV joint housing to allow the fitment of standard Mini driveshaft assemblies and differential. A limited-slip differential is available as an upgrade.

Gérry Hughes, commercial director at Swindon Powertrain, said: “We’ve registered over 500 requests for more information on the HPD E system since it launched, many of which are classic Mini owners who are looking to convert their cars to run on electric power.

“We have tried to make our kits as easy to use as possible, re-engineering and re-designing the package so that it fits perfectly in a classic Mini, and offer our clients the ability to take just the HPD E Powertrain system or purchase extra, optional EV parts.”

Prices for the Classic Mini Kit start at £8,850 plus VAT with deliveries beginning in December.


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