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Citroen’s tiny, 28mph electric car will be sold in the UK for £6,000

The Citroen Ami will come to the UK for less than £6k (Citroen/MEGA)

French motor giant Citroen is to launch an electric ‘city’ car in the UK for just £6,000.

The idea is to bring the green technology within reach of millions of motorists.

The award-winning Ami is already turning heads in France and has led to 12,000 Brits registering their interest – even before Citroen announced its intention to make a left-hand drive version.

It’s not exactly an Aston Martin. There are no touchscreens, it can only get up to 28mph and do 46 miles on a single charge.

But at a basic price of £5,945 it costs less than the Omega watch Bond wears in the latest film.

That price, along with lower insurance and potential congestion charges, would make it popular with city commuters, school run parents and others who only need to do short journeys on roads with lower speed limits.

Top speed? 28mph (Citroen/MEGA)
There’s no boot, but there is space for one carry-on sized luggage bag (Citroen)
There are only two seats, which keeps the weight down (Reuters)

The British version will come with a Type 2 EV charging adapter which could add a little more to the final price.

Citroen CEO, Vincent Cobee, revealed the UK launch to motoring magazine Auto Express. He said: ‘We have agreed and decided that we will bring Ami to the UK as it is – as a left-hand drive car – in the early part of next year.’

Every effort has been made to keep the car cheap and cheerful. The bodywork is made of plastic, it only has two seats and there’s no boot. The overall weight of the vehicle is just 485kg.

The car is technically classed as a quadricycle (Citroen)
It could be the perfect solution for getting around London (Credits: Citroen/MEGA)

The Ami is powered by a modest 6 kilowatt electric motor, so under French legislation it can be driven by someone as young as 14 and no driving licence is required.

Not so in the UK. It’s technically classed as a quadricycle so it won’t be eligible for the plug-in car grant, but will still only be for drivers aged 17 and upwards.

Cobee said that Citroen’s UK boss Eurig Druce had persuaded the company to bring it to Britain.

He told Auto Express: ‘We never planned it for the UK, but Eurig said ‘I’ll show you I can sell it.’ This is the type of business I like.’

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